This pandemic has brought forth many unexpected changes in children's lives' including transitions to online learning, not seeing their friends, having to stay home, etc. Now that this feels like it is our new normal, it's important to acknowledge the positive behaviors and their willingness to adjust to these changes.

Expressing appreciation can be helpful and bring positivity and good energy into your home. For example, “I really appreciate that you’re still working hard in school even though it’s online and different than what you’re used to” can be a simple way to show praise but also allow your child to feel good about their actions. This all leads to more open communication.

Remember, it's okay to want/need to be left alone and take some space from your family. Verbalizing that need is actually a good thing and it shows that you know how to speak up for what you need in a healthy manageable way BEFORE you lose it!

Contrary to what many parents think, we don't need to be on all the time and we don't need to appear to be functioning at our best, all the time. Quality of quantity! Even now...It's actually beneficial for your family if you can find the appropriate words to express yourself and your need for a break. Expressing our emotional and social needs, kindly is walking the walk of a good role model, parent and caregiver.

Take that break when you need it, be in control emotionally. YOU are a ROLE MODEL for your child.

Parents and caregivers are essential in helping children make sense of what’s happening and it’s important to have conversations that are as open and honest as possible.

Providing information that is truthful and age-appropriate to help children understand what’s happening can ease anxiety.

Making yourself available to openly talk and answer questions will help children feel more secure and calm during these challenging times. Remember to talk to them constructively and in a way that invites or encourages an open dialogue. Also remember, this has rocked their world as well and they too are facing inconsistencies and the unknown. Kids thrive in routine and knowing what to expect. Times are very different right now, they need you to be their rock.