Meet Jamie Levine

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JAMIE LEVINE M.S. ED            

T: 917-426-7671

M: 917-757-7271

Jamie Levine is a mother, author, and founder of Team Esteem and creator of the Team Esteem™ approach to improving behavior. Jamie’s decision to make this her life’s work stemmed from her own years of academic struggle and a late ADHD diagnosis at the age of 20, while attending Boston University.


Jamie received her Master of Science in Special Education from Fordham University in 2001, and has extensive experience helping families and children struggling with social, emotional and behavioral challenges. She began her teaching career in New York City at The Gillen Brewer School and The Parkside School, and has worked with children experiencing speech/language delays and sensory disorders.

The Team Esteem™ concept was conceived in 2005, during a conversation Jamie had with one of her student’s psychiatrists. The conversation involved the frequent frustration which manifests between a child’s many service providers, parents and educators. This disconnect often creates inefficiency, confusion, and an overall barrier towards a child’s progression.

School directors came to recognize Jamie as an expert and an advisor who could handle the most challenging cases in and out of the classroom; opening lines of communications for all and raising the educational bar.

Team Esteem™ launched in 2009 and the curriculum evolved from Jamie working as a 1:1 teacher to training, placing and managing other Team Esteem™-trained teachers, SEITS, paras and aids. 


Today, the program has evolved into an even better, more comprehensive program which offers 1:1 parent strategy sessions, parent and community workshops. Jamie is looking forward to the launch of the first online Team Esteem program for parents  in Spring 2021.