What Educators are saying about Jamie:

Thanks for adding extra flavor to our class! You have a high level of professionalism and are always available after hours for questions and consulting. You worked with the rhythm of the classroom and didn’t interfere with its flow. You helped each child reach their potential by connecting with them as a coach who helped them achieve their goals independently.

—Yocheved, Teacher

What Parents, Kids, and Therapists are saying about Jamie:

My 2.5 year old son used to be disruptive in his classroom and couldn't share toys with other children...until we met with Jamie Levine and implemented the Team Esteem curriculum. Now our son's behaviors exhibit less disruption and more collaborative interaction with his peers. 

—M,  Father of 2.5 Year Old

Conflicting information from home and school, often negative and disempowering. 
Disruptive behavior that leads to social exclusion.
Consistent, supportive messages from both school and home. 
Self awareness that leads to inclusion.

Jamie and Team Esteem are the best!  Jamie has the amazing ability to take a complicated problem, break it down into pieces, apply a proven strategy, and then… problem solved. She provided the confidence and expertise at a time when I felt overwhelmed and unable to manage a crisis.  With Team Esteem’s strategies and Jamie’s advice, I was able to solve difficult problems with my child and implement the strategies we needed to excel.  I always turn to Jamie and Team Esteem when a behavioral and school issue arises.  As a parent, I was lost with the educational process when it comes to a child who learns differently.  Each specialist was working with my child, i.e. speech therapist, tutor, IEP Team…, but no one was working with me.  A parent must be an advocate these days, and without the right knowledge or expertise, our child would be just another child getting services.  Team Esteem helped put the “Team” together and focus on the child as a whole and not just the part that concerned the individuals. My child is now excelling, I have confidence, frustrations are low, and we are thriving. Thanks Jamie and Team Esteem!!!!

Mom of fifth grader

We’ve used Team Esteem for both their social groups and SEIT services and they have supported our son tremendously. They have helped him become social, outgoing and confident. As a result, he’s now thriving in his nursery school. Thank you Team Esteem!"
—Mom, preschool
“Barry thinks VERY highly of you and I will definitely be sending you some patients. We have a lot of this need in our practice.”
—Dr. Goldstein, Pediatrician
“In my ongoing consultation and liaison with teachers, Miss Levine stands far beyond her peers. Miss Levine’s dedication, enthusiasm, and obvious fulfillment in helping her students is admirable and inspiring. She has the initiative, talent, and skills to analyze the issues facing a particular student at multiple levels and put that understanding into an effective strategy and plan.”
—Dr. Laurence R. Saul, MD, Child-Adolescent Psychiatrist