Jamie has contributed to Everyday Health and writes regularly on behavioral issues and strategies specific to children.

What is an SEIT?

Jamie explains what a Special Education Itinerant Teacher is and how they can help kids struggling with esteem issues. 

Play Dates With A Purpose

Team Esteem opens it services to toddlers

Building Confidence

The link between self esteem and confidence in kids. 

Not Broken, Just Different: Explaining ADHD to a Young Child

It can be challenging to explain ADHD to a young child. Find out how you can reassure your youngster about this confusing condition.

7 Ways to Help Your Child With ADHD Make (and Keep) Friends

"The biggest issue is that their brains are working faster than everything else, and that's what gets them into trouble socially," explained Jamie Levine, MS Ed

Should Your ADHD Child Join a Friendship Group?

Friendship groups are helping kids with ADHD across the country gain confidence on the playground and in the classroom.

Don’t Annoy the Teacher

Mastering preschool communication

One-on-One Help in the Classroom

A SEIT shares her experiences working with kids

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