Why is Parent-Teacher Communication So Important?

Children spend the majority of their waking time at school and may behave differently in the classroom and on the playground than at home. Kids react to different environments and people in a variety of ways. As parents and teachers recognize these differences, they can approach discussions about a child's behavior objectively.

When parents and teachers collaborate, they give each other the tools and support necessary to help a child become successful academically and emotionally. The key to proper collaboration is parent-teacher communication — a team effort and mutual attempt to solve any issues your child may have.

A holistic team approach more often brings real-time results within the classroom community. Without an honest dialogue and supportive relationship between a parent and the child’s instructor, neither adult can understand the full story or know where to begin to help.

If your child comes to you with a school concern, don’t wait to voice it with your child’s teacher. It is best to address any issue when it is fresh and recent.

In addition, be sure to remain calm when you speak with teachers and school staff; this will help you stay focused on your goal of how to best help your child.

“Let the child understand that you, her teacher and the principal are partners working to help make school a great experience for him or her. ... It’s your child’s feelings you’re dealing with. Until you talk to the teacher, you don’t have the whole picture." - Jan Harp Domene President, National Parent Teacher Association

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