Improving Behavior and Social Emotional Learning - Interview with American SPCC

On Wednesday, February 24th, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Tracy Kawa of the American Society for the Positive Care of Children.

In this interview, we heard tips from Jamie for parents that are navigating the struggles of the pandemic and online learning, the importance of high-impact team members, how to build your child's dream team, self-regulation, and so much more!

Weren't able to make it? Check out some highlights below:

Tracy: What does creating a Team look like? How do you build it?

Jamie: We want to always be building more green team members (high impact, positive people who just know how to talk to a child in a way that's going to get them the behavior or socially appropriate results they are looking for) and as parents we really need to think carefully and critically about who is spending time with our child and what impact and influence that person is having in that child's life.

Tracy: This year has posed so many challenges with hybrid/online learning what advice can you give to parents/caregivers/teachers who are struggling?

Jamie: It's really important given our current situation to just let some things slide and not be so hard on ourselves AND our children. We have to preserve our own energy as adults, as parents, as caregivers and teachers so that we can show up better for our children and our children really need us to do that.

Want to hear more? Watch the replay:

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