How to Change Your Child's Behavior : Behavior Modification Chart

Are you tired of repeated warnings, yelling? Can’t get your child to clean his/her room? To do their homework? To get off the iPad? It's time to change your approach!

Team Esteem’s behavior modification technique is an easy 4 step process that revolves around creating a simple chart and implementing it with positive reinforcement.

NOTE: Our technique is useful when you have pinpointed actions and habits exhibited by your child that you would like to improve. In practice, it is used to change certain routines that your child is having difficulty with - not for every individual instance of misbehavior.

How to Create Your Behavior Modification Chart

Start with a blank piece of paper, a google doc or even the back of an old report (whatever works for you), and follow along with these steps to create your child’s chart.

1. Identify the behavior(s) you want to change

2. Draw a representation of the behavior

3. Decide on the reward

4. Set attainable goals

Write or draw these things on the chart so your child can clearly visualize what is expected of them. Be sure to post this chart where your child can see it, like on the fridge or in their room.

As a parent, the chart is your responsibility to implement correctly and use consistently, without misuse or abuse; otherwise children can become more focused on the rewards than their behavior. To help ensure success, consistently provide your child with manageable choices and clear, understandable boundaries.

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