Team Esteem is a practical program to improve behavior and SOCIAL EMOTIONAL LEARNING in schools and homes . 


We recognize that every child and setting is different. We give YOU the tools YOU need to approach behavior accordingly.  With Team Esteem’s program, socially-rejected, unfavorable habits are replaced with new strategies to improve everyday social interactions. 


A great deal is known about the 5% of our nation’s school-age population whose learning disabilities (LD) have been formally identified. Data suggest that an additional 15% or more of students struggle due to unidentified and unaddressed learning and attention issues.
Learning disability percentage


Our Social Emotional Learning curriculum (SEL) for professional development paired with the option for parent development is bridging the gap between schools and homes
Founder Jamie Levine worked in classrooms for over 20 years and recognizes the value of time for over-worked parents and educators. She created an actionable path forward so the team around a child can change their approach to change their results.
The Team Esteem™ approach is based on two key parts:
1. Recognizing the team around the child by learning their roles and impact.
2. Acknowledging what supports and erodes a child’s self-esteem, by tracking positive and negative behavior patterns.
Team Esteemhas offerings for parents, schools, and community organizations.
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