The Team Esteem Program provides easy-to-apply strategies for transforming disruptive behavior to benefit the entire class. 
With Team Esteem's professional development program, schools gain: 
  • Clear, step-by-step, easy-to-apply strategies for transforming disruptive behavior and making lasting improvements for students 
  • Work with combative or resistant parents to help their students get the correct support needed for learning
  • Encourage all students to self-advocate, express, and speak up to problematic behavior that leads to bullying
  • Enlist parents at home so they create a true team-centric approach to problem solving
  • A way for teachers to spend less time addressing behavioral issues
  • Understand each struggling child through an individualized approach
  • Improved teacher performance and student-teacher-parent communications.


The Team Esteem™ Curriculum consists of 7 modules. The first two, Team and Esteem, as the foundation for the entire program. 

Identify, Acknowledge, and Appreciate TEAM members.Team members operate with a high degree of interdependence and are accountable for the collective performance of the student.


Transform the student’s underlying ESTEEM struggle. Esteem is needed for learning and Esteem is cultivated



Create and implement a Team Esteem Action Plan based on valuable background input and assessments from all significant individuals in a child’s life including parents, teachers, therapists, and other relevant service providers.


Committed to creating an educational environment that is stimulating, supportive and comfortable. Utilizing a mainstream setting as the resource and a unique communal approach to learning.


Develop a light but professionally playful environment to alleviate students’ anxiety. Open them up to new learning experiences.


Blend seamlessly into all settings. Reinforce work of the multi-disciplinary team by finding practical opportunities for repetition and practice.


Collaborate with multi-disciplinary team including parents, siblings, teachers, caregivers, outside therapists, and other influencers in order to accelerate, advance and expedite the process of reaching common goals.

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